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01. Click on Requests

02. Click on Create New Request

03. Click Show on Marketplace

04. Select a property from the list or Add a new property

05. If creating a new property fill in required fields and click Create

06. Fill in the rest of required fields

07. Choose when you want to schedule an appointment

08. Click on Additional Info

09. Answer the questions if you want to clarify your request

10. Click on Attachments if you want to add attachments to the request

11. If you want the attachment to be linked to the corresponding quotes, jobs or invoices, select the appropriate checkboxes

12. Click on Save

13. To save request click on Details

14. Click on Submit Request

15. Your Request is created

16. You can see your Request in the requests list on the Outgoing tab

17. Once approved by an administrator, your request will appear on the Marketplace